HEALTH & BEAUTY – Banishing blemishes is easier than you think!

Article from FOCUS Magazine – Winter 13 issue. Vicki Smith of Absolute Aesthetics explains how a cost effective and simple procedure called Advanced Electrolysis could be the solution Typically, the National Health Service will only remove a skin lesion from a patient if it is deemed to be … [Read more...]

HEALTH – Healthy legs support a healthy body by Professor Mark Whiteley MS FRCS (Gen) FCPhleb

Article from FOCUS Magazine – Summer 13 issue. It shouldn't be a surprise to any of us that our legs are essential for good health. The ability to walk is vital not only to get to places but also to keep fit and to keep all of the other processes and systems in the body working well. In … [Read more...]

HEALTH & BEAUTY – Healthy looking skin in Winter by Vicki Smith

Article from FOCUS Magazine – Winter 12 issue. With the changing season from summer to autumn and winter, most people start to notice unwelcome changes to their complexion. The arrival of the colder months conjures up lovely images of rosy cheeks, long invigorating walks in the countryside and … [Read more...]

HEALTH – Walking for fitness by Nina Barough

Article from FOCUS Magazine – Autumn 12 issue. Why power walk?  Researchers in the field of sports and fitness have described walking as “the nearest activity to perfect exercise”. It seems far too simple to claim that a basic  skill that most of us do without a second thought can be so … [Read more...]

HEALTH – Clean and Lean Cookbook by James Duigan

Article from FOCUS Magazine – Summer 12 issue. Lunch is an important meal to get right. It needs to keep you going for the rest of the day, so if you get it wrong – or skip it altogether – you’re likely to binge when it comes to dinnertime or you’ll spend all afternoon snacking on sugary junk … [Read more...]

HEALTH – Strong Bones for Life : Everything you need to know to maintain bone health

Article from FOCUS Magazine – Spring 12 issue. One in two women and one in five men over the age of 50 will break a bone, mainly because of osteoporosis, but much can be done to protect and improve bone health through exercise and diet. How Bone Changes With Age During your early years, your … [Read more...]