HEALTH & BEAUTY – Don’t get put out of joint with substandard healthcare


St. Anthony’s

Article from FOCUS Magazine – Autumn 14 issue.

With modern technology, an ageing population and an increased focus on public health, it is essential that healthcare providers adapt their practice and keep on top of medical advances to meet the needs of the UK population

As our bodies age and our joints start to creak under years of bending, lifting and twisting it is common that at some point in our lives we will suffer varying degrees of joint pain. Whether it be discomfort in our hips, knees, shoulders or anywhere in our body that undergoes strain on a daily basis, we are all vulnerable to the symptoms of ageing joints.

With modern and innovative advances in orthopaedic health, more varieties of treatment are becoming available to relieve pain. For those suffering from more debilitating conditions such as severe osteoarthritis, joint replacement surgery is considered the most effective solution for reducing pain and disability. The most common joint replacements in the UK are hip and knee replacements with approximately 160,000 procedures performed each year.

In recent years you may have heard of a company called Depuy who implemented a metal prosthesis for total hip replacements. These products were found to be faulty leading Depuy to voluntarily recall their product meaning patients required corrective surgery. With various types of modern treatment becoming available it is understandable to take a cautious approach in committing to major surgery operations such as joint replacements.

At St. Anthony’s, we not only make the most up to date and pioneering treatment available but we strive in delivering the highest quality of care to patients throughout every stage of their treatment. We ensure no corners are cut whilst taking pride in having World class Orthopaedic surgeons at the forefront of new treatments and surgical techniques. Supported by specialist teams of nurses, anaesthetists, chartered physiotherapists, radiologists, pathologists, we offer a comprehensive range of specialist treatment for hip, knee, spine, hand, foot and ankle problems. From outpatient assessments to major surgery, we offer a complete range of joint care service tailored to the needs of each individual who walks through our doors.

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