HEALTH & BEAUTY — Don’t let your eyes give away your age

Article from FOCUS Magazine – Autumn 17 issue.

Anti ageing eye treatment

We all try to strike that balance between ageing gracefully and not looking as though we are older than we really are

Exposure to the sun and the natural effects of ageing can bring about changes, which are often not welcomed. As we age, the connective tissue in the skin will change and the collagen and elastin fibres responsible for the firm and plump appearance of the face will reduce in number and functionality. One of the most telling areas where this loss of elasticity can be clearly seen is the eyes.

Here, the experts at Absolute 
Aesthetics explain about the 
Plexr treatment, the new, non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure that uses ‘plasma technology’. A technology that is fast becoming more and more popular with patients, particularly amongst those who do not wish to go under the knife, to improve the appearance of their tired looking eyes.

Heavy skin over the brow of the eye is not necessarily a problem. How we choose to age is a personal choice and understandably not everyone is looking for ways
to slow down or mask the signs of ageing.

For some men and women however, the reduction in elasticity can cause an unflattering and ageing heaviness to the eye area and this can be the cause of much upset. In severe cases, excess eyelid tissue can cause decreased vision in addition to being a cosmetic problem.

When it comes to eyes, one of the biggest concerns the clinical team at Absolute Aesthetics hear is from patients who feel that the tired and heavy appearance of their eyes does not accurately reflect how young and vibrant they feel on the inside.

Have you ever tried gently pinching the area of skin on and above your eyelid? If you are over 40, it’s likely to not ‘ping’ back quite the way it did in your younger years. This is due to the natural depletion of collagen and elastin fibres in the skin, making it lose its ‘ping- back ability’.

Until recently, the most effective and conventional way to improve the appearance of loose, saggy and excessive skin around the eye area is with a procedure known as surgical blepharoplasty.

Although this is a relatively straightforward surgical procedure, it must be carried out by a skilled plastic surgeon, under local or general anaesthetic and in an operating theatre setting. The skin and tissue causing the functional and aesthetic concerns are removed
by cutting the unwanted tissue and then the area is stitched back up. The results are good but also dramatic and very noticeable.

Over the last few years, Absolute Aesthetics have noticed a definite change in attitude from their patients and have seen a welcomed swerve towards more subtle anti-ageing procedures that look less conspicuous and more understated, with patients aspiring for a less dramatic, more subtle and natural looking result.

Blepharoplasty is still the gold standard for correcting lax eyelid tissue, however the new technology known as plasma technology or ‘soft surgery’ is fast becoming the go to option for patients looking to improve the appearance of their eyes, but without the need to resort to surgery.

The Plexr procedure works by transferring a concentrated heat to the skin tissues via a small handpiece. A small electrical arc, like a tiny lightning bolt is generated which causes a process called sublimation. This is where solid matter is turned into gas. It does all sound very scientific but, put simply, the surface of the treated tissue is instantly vaporised, stimulating an instant contraction and tightening of the skin fibres.

Unlike the blepharoplasty procedure, skin is not removed. Instead, the sublimation process happens without causing any bleeding or damage to the deeper layers of the skin or the surrounding tissue, achieving the outcome by tightening the skin. This means there is minimal risk of scarring when compared with surgical eyelifts, which will always leave a small but well-hidden scar.

The results of the Plexr procedure are long-lasting and will remain in keeping with the patient’s natural ageing, meaning the results can last for several years.

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